Cleaning and desinfection protocol COVID-19

At La Volandera we have established a cleaning and disinfection protocol for the prevention of COVID-19 based on the knowledge and recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  1. Adequate cleaning and disinfection of all areas to which the guest has access.
  2. Use of authorized and recommended antiviral cleaning products by Ministry of Health for COVID-19 prevention.
  3. Use of disposable items to clean. Gloves, masks, gowns, disinfected rags.
  4. Ventilation of rooms before and during cleaning.
  5. Cleaning and disinfection. Use of water and detergent to remove dirt, grease, dust and germs. Once the surface is clean, we spray disinfectant (cleaning products with diluted bleach or a minimum of 70% alcohol) paying special attention to the surfaces with the most contact (switches, knobs, remote controls, taps, …)
  6. Cleaning of sofas, rugs, curtains and other soft and porous surfaces. Elimination of visible dirt, and use of suitable products to disinfect them.
  7. Bedding washed at the maximum temperature recommended by the manufacturer. Sheets, mattress covers, duvet, towels and kitchen towels.
  8. Cleaning and disinfection of baskets and buckets of dirty clothes. Use of disposable bags.
  9. Use of bags in all garbage cans. Facilitates hygiene
  10. Use of non-reusable material for cleaning (kitchen paper, disinfecting wipes and other disposable products) and exhaustive disinfection of reusable ones (mop, brush, dustpan, …)