Agroecological experience

Enjoy a different and sustainable experience with your work team or group

Agroecological experience

Strengthen the bond of your group by sticking your hands in the dirt.

Give even more life to your day spent together with your group/team in our “Casabajo” with a personalized agroecological workshop: vermicomposting, garden design, flower pot, seeds, etc.
Let’s put our hands in the earth, discover its smells, flavors, and the life that inhabits it.
In collaboration with La Buena Siembra you will be able to enjoy a unique experience for your group in a pleasant and nutritious environment that fosters relational bonds and awareness about biodiversity, local consumption, etc.

Approximate duration of the activity: 2 h.
Minimum: 10 people.
Price: €15/person.

Strengthen the bonds of your group/team by putting your hands in the dirt

How to contract our agroecological activity?

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