La Volandera

A volandera is a hide washer fixed to carriage wheel, which although seem insignificant, has the function of eliminating friction, which allows that things go smoothly.

This is the little story of La Volandera’s name (8 March 2002).


La Volandera was created as a dream of creating a project, where one could be in a beautiful and natural space to enjoy the pleasure of living in the countryside and share it with others. For this reason, my parents bought this farm more than 20 years ago, during those years it was barren farmland with only a fig tree, a lemon tree and a dilapidated house.

A short while later, emerged the possibility that my father and I take a course in permaculture. That course, in addition to meeting new people that are important in our lives, was the beginning of the whole Project. Together, we designed and planned the basic structure of what is today, La Volandera.

Then, would come many hours of hard work and dedication, planting and caring for trees, preparing the land, improving the cottage, the facilities. In winter, summer, spring and fall we worked countless days…many of those days in Company of Friends ready to lend a hand.

Little by Little, the place was gained beauty and strength and again smoothly and consistently, with a special interest in this place that began to be created for workshops and courses.

In 2017, we decided to go further and sustain and enhance all that was La Volandera can offer, creating employment and investment in rural areas.


Our mission is to offer a relaxing, serene and natural space to enjoy the countryside and share it with others.


Our view is considered in long terms as a beautiful and natural space of reference for well-being, to be in touch with nature and RECUPERATE the knowledge related with earth, both, locally and internationally, doing our bit for awareness and sustainability.


Our work is guided by the principles and values of:

  • Beauty and Harmony: Every part of the Volandera has beauty and harmony and it´s one of our operating principles.
  • Service: It is the attitude that allows us to focus our activity offering a space for the well-being enjoyment in the countryside.
  • Respect: our internal and external relationships; we always want to be based on respect and non-violent communication.
  • Sustainability: we want that our activity contributes to a change of consciousness for a society with greater harmony with nature.

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