Play Groups

Play Groups in nature during school year

If you want your child to enjoy an afternoon of free play in nature, in a safe and respectful environment catering to their needs, please contact us. Every Wednesday we will play outdoors in La Volandera, the activity is for children from 3 to 6 years old.

Because playing outdoor is something really serious.

We play with mud, branches, leaves and trees. We climb, we balance, and we skip. We play hide and seek. For the children it is an afternoon per week to be completely free!

In La Volandera children are the protagonists

Wednesday from 5pm to 7pm children can enjoy nature, learn to respect the environment and play freely: movement, curiosity, respect. Groups of games and yoga in nature.


Small Groups


Limited numbers of places


Starts in October

Some pictures from Groups of Games in La Volandera

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