Play Groups

Play groups in nature during the school calendar

If you want your child to enjoy an afternoon of free play in nature, in a safe environment that respects their needs, get in touch with us. Every Wednesday we will play outdoors at La Volandera, for boys and girls from 3 to 7 years old.

Because playing outside is very serious.

We will play with mud, with branches, leaves and trees. We will climb, balance and jump rope. We will hide and catch friends. One afternoon a week to be completely free!

In La Volandera the kids are the protagonists

Wednesday from 5pm to 7pm children can enjoy nature, learn to respect the environment and play freely: movement, curiosity, respect. Groups of games and yoga in nature.

What makes us different?

Contact with the nature

We are very clear that contact with nature is not only leisure time, but is an essential investment in health in the broadest sense of the little ones (and not so much). We offer a different space, of respect, security and trust for your children, where you can attend to the individual needs of movement, expression and exploration.

Self-esteem, respect and communication

Conflicts between children are an excellent learning opportunity. The role of the monitors is to encourage the expression of needs and feelings, active listening, the autonomous resolution of problems among the little ones themselves and set the necessary limits to create an environment of safety and respect.

Creativity, concentration, motor and artistic skills.

Boys and girls are diverse as are their abilities. We offer a safe environment where children can learn with fun and without fear. We promote the autonomous search for different solutions to problems, help and collaboration between boys and girls.

Movement, Free Play, Curiosity, Nature and Respect

“Children need more than ever to wonder patiently watching a snail crawl, watching a flower grow, how a raindrop slides down the body of a hairy centipede, seeing a bud appear, watering the plants, gratefully picking mushrooms and feeding the birds. Children should learn to look up at the sky from time to time, as we did when we lay on the grass that itched and tickled behind our legs and ears and imagined that the clouds were shaped like dinosaurs and rabbits”.

Catherine L'ecuyer. Educate in amazement

Nature’s Vitamin N

In a world overloaded with technology and in a great hurry, our children need even more open air, freedom, nature. Our methodology based on forest schools and forest pedagogy encourages the physical, intellectual and emotional development of children… because we want healthy and happy children.

We promote creativity, autonomy and personal identity

We let the children stain their hands and experiment, create and express themselves in an artistic way, without marked patterns. In addition, every day there is a time dedicated to free play (supervised), because it is something very serious, it encourages concentration, creativity, autonomy, personal identity, social relationships.

Attention, capacity for wonder and knowledge of the environment

We carry out explorations of the environment and during them we take advantage of children’s impulses of curiosity to develop stories, stories, games and activities.

Some images of Natural Play La Volandera

Throughout the year we have activities for boys and girls in nature.


Small Groups


Limited numbers of places


Starts in October

Some images of Natural Play La Volandera

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