Natural Play

What is Natural Play?

Natural Play is a special and different space for your children where they can respond to their individual needs of movement, expression, exploration, learning, fun, etc. Developing their entire BEING with all the benefits of being in contact with nature.

Which activities you can find in Natural Play:

Play Groups

During school year we have activities every Wednesday afternoon.

Summer Camps

Camps during July, small groups


Come to celebrate your birthday and enjoy a singular day outdoor.

What make us different?

Contact with nature

We have clear that contact with nature is not only leisure time, but is also an essential investment in health of children (and not only children). We offer a special space, full of respect, safety and confidence for your children, where we can attend the individuals needs of movements, expression and exploration.

Self-esteem, respect and communication

Conflicts between children are an excellent opportunity to learn. The instructor’s role is to assist the expression of needs and feelings, the active listening, the autonomous resolution of problems between the own children and put the necessary limits to create a safe and respectful environment.

Creativity, concentration, motor and artista abilities

Boys and girls are diverse just like their skills. We offer a safe environment where they can learn and without fear. We encourage the independent search to solve problems, help and cooperation between children.

Movement, Free Play, Curiosity, Nature and Respect

“Children need more than ever to be patiently amazed at how a snail crawls, watching a flower grow, how a drop of rain slips through the body of a hairy centipede, seeing a bud appear, watering plants, picking mushroom with gratitude and feeding the birds. Children must learn to look up at the sky from time to time, as we did when we layed on the grass that caused us to itch and be tickled behind our legs and ears and imagined that the clouds were shaped like dinosaurs and rabbits”.

Catherine L’ecuyer, "Educar en el asombro".

Vitamine N from Nature

In a world swamped with technology and being in a hurry, our children need an even more open air, freedom and nature. Our methodology based on forest schools and forestry pedagogy promotes physical, intellectual and emotional development for children… Because we want healthy and happy kids.

We encourage creativity, autonomy and personal identity

We let children get their hands dirty and experience, create and express themselves in an artistic way, without pre-established patterns. In addition, every day we leave time to play freely because it is fundamental to foster and encourage, concentration, creativity, autonomy, personal identity and social relationships.

Attention, astonishment and knowledge of the environment.

We explore the environment and we use the curiosity of children to develop stories, games and activities.

Some pictures from Natural Play La Volandera

We have activities for children in nature throughout the year